The Simplest Exercise: Walking


Losing Pounds by Fitness Walking

walking for fitnessWhen you want to walk to fitness to lose weight you have to set goals that work for you. You may want to learn some things before getting started. Walking is a good way to lose weight and is a great workout routine. To achieve your goal however, you must set up a goal and plans that help you to stick with your goal.

Walking is better for you then running. These days you see everyone walking instead of running, since the world has realized they can burn more calories, including fat calories by briskly walking. Some people speed walk, which is a brisk walk that works the muscles, toning them while the walker burns calories.

How would I start to walk to fitness?
When you want to start walking, you need to set a goal. A goal is at what time you set an ending distance. For an example, you might want to set goals for one month. The goal is to walk one mile by the end of that month. Once you set your goals you can plan to achieve these goals.

Things you should know:
When walking to fitness you should try to start out walking 2 miles per hour then slowly work up to four. To keep track of walking speed choose the walking step devices that you wear on your side. The devices keep track of all your steps and how fast you are going. What a great device to have when walking to fitness.

You should also know that overdoing it could discourage you. Instead of trying to walk a marathon at first, walk slow as you normally would. Slowly work into a brisk walk. Overdoing it can also cause damage. You may pull muscles, which causes serious pain. The pain may discourage you from wanting to walk again, so take it nice and slow.

Start the first week only walking about 25 minutes for five days and slowly go from there, during the second week walk for 25 minutes the first day and advance your speed, walking for about 2 minutes. Add one minute every week. Then maybe you can start walking up hills. This will help you to burn calories faster, which means you meet fitness sooner.

Hanging out and walking fitness:
Instead of hanging out with your family and friends, on some days make it a walk day. Ask your family and friends to join you. Walking in pairs or groups is a great way to keep walking to fitness.

Driving to fitness:
Instead of driving to pick up a newspapers, walk. Walk to the newsstand instead of having the paper delivered to your door each day. Perhaps you can expend your walk. Walk to park once a week with your children. They can have fun while you get a nice workout.

Most of us at work will call or send the E-mail to our partners. Instead of conducting and promoting laziness, get up, walk to your partners desk, and hand him or her the files. Instead of taking the lift or elevator, you can put those muscles and joints in action by climbing the stairs. Most of us will try to park close to our workplace. Instead of parking close to your office, park at the back of the lot and start walking each day to your office. What a great way to walk to fitness.

Safety in walking fitness:
Here are some safety things that you might want to know when walking. Remember when walking, to always walk areas to avoid oncoming traffic.

If you walk at night stay in the lighted areas and try to walk with a friend or family member. Predators usually sway away from attacking two or more people.

Keep Your 2014 Weight Loss Resolution

How to stick to your weight loss resolutions in 2014

Lots of people have finally woken up to the fact that obesity is a real killer. Statistics show that almost half a million people die each year due to obesity-related complications and hundreds of billions of dollars are lost each year in medical costs. This does not mention more billions that are lost each year in lost economic productivity when obese workers have to take time off for medical checkups.

Obesity is a medical term which refers to when one’s body accumulates enough for it to be a health hazard. There are different reasons why people become overweight. One of the reasons is failure to watch one’s diet.  We are living in a society which is very busy and people are pressed for time. This means that when people arrive home after work they are very tired and have little or no time to prepare a meal. This has resulted in many ending up at fast food restaurants. As a consequent, many fast food restaurants have mushroomed in many places and it is no longer uncommon to see families eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at a fast food restaurant. This food is mostly deep fried and therefore contains fat that adds to the calorie level of the food. There are even meals that end up containing more calories than the entire daily requirement.

fat loss

Keep your fat loss resolution 2014.

Another reason why people become obese is because they fail to engage in enough physical activity to burn the fat that they eat. In Western countries, people have formed the habit of driving even for short distances. This coupled with a high calorie diet causes people to accumulate more fat than they can possibly burn thereby becoming obese.

But many have finally had it when it comes to obesity and they want to turn the corner and lose weight. This is actually a New Year’s resolution for many people. But how can one determine that they will stick to their resolution?

The first way is to get an accountability partner. This means someone who will hold you accountable to your weight loss commitments. This can be a spouse, a friend, a work colleague and even a child. People who are susceptible to high calorie diets need accountability partners to enable them to stick to their resolution to lose weight in 2014.

Another way one can stick to their resolution to lose weight is to develop a calendar and populate it with exercises that one can do to lose weight. There are many tools online that one can buy and use to keep a professional schedule of tasks complete with reminders. Microsoft Outlook is a cheap way to keep tabs on your exercise regiment.

One can also keep tabs with their weight loss resolution by becoming more vigilant on what they eat. Before one buys groceries they need to read the can or container to make sure that there are no excess calories present. Diet drinks can help because they have almost no cholesterol.

Get Fit

Get Fit

Fat Busting Exercises to help you lose weight in 2014

Obesity is considered one of the leading causes of death in many countries especially the United States. Obesity is defined as a condition where the body accumulates enough fat to be considered a health risk. Almost half a million people lose their lives in the United States due to obesity-related complications.  Obesity is measured using what is known as the Body Mass Index which is a measure of one’s weight in relation to their age and height. A BMI of 25 or more is considered overweight.

Many people become overweight because of a number of factors. One of them is indulgence in high fat foods, especially fast foods. Another factor is cooking with high calorie fats. Many people nowadays fry their foods and also frequent fast foods on a regular basis. Fast food restaurants are the major culprits when it comes to high calorie diets. Then we live in a society that puts too much pressure on its citizens and people are so pressed for time they do not have to cook and eat healthy diets or even exercise.

It is also true that some people are overweight because of a genetic issue with their bodies that causes it to accumulate more fat than it needs. If these same people indulge in the lifestyles we have mentioned above, they have a very high chance to becoming obese.

But how can one fight fat and develop a lean body in the year 2014? The first step is exercise. Excess  body fat is attained when the body accumulates more fat than it burns. So exercise helps a great deal.

  • Walking.
    • One of the exercises is walking. People must develop the habit of walking especially if they need to go short distances.
  • Running.
    • Running is also one way of cutting down on excess fat.
    • Jogging
    • Long distance
  • Simple exercise.
    • One need not join a  gym to start simple exercises even at home.

Discipline is required in order to get this done. When we talk of discipline, we mean that one has to develop a program or routine and stick with it. This is where we lose many people because most people do not have enough time to devote to weight loss exercises.

In order to develop discipline, one may need an accountability partner. This may involve joining a weight loss club where there are others who are trying to achieve the same goal. If you have money to spare, then hiring personal trainers is one of the best investments you can ever make. This is because they trainer, who is usually someone who is well versed with all the procedures and disciplines of losing weight, will keep you on your toes and ensure that you achieve your goal.

Man swimmingAnother great exercise that you can engage in that helps in defeating fat accumulation is swimming. If you have a free pool in your neighborhood, use it. Swimming is one of those rare exercises that incorporates all the muscles of the body at the same time.